Uila Extends Agentless, Full-Stack VDI Surveillance Solution to Maximize Digital Experience for the “Next Normal”

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In this “ next normal ”, with enterprise organizations deploying VDI at a breakneck pace to support their dispersed workforce, our goal at Uila is to provide a new approach to digital experience monitoring and troubleshooting critical virtual desktop infrastructure.

Uila Inc., the application-centric performance and cyberthreat analytics company for the hybrid enterprise, today announced its new innovation in VDI / EUC monitoring. With the new ability to measure and report critical VDI metrics from VMware Horizon and the deep packet inspection built into Uila, Uila can isolate all service outages for VDI / EUC users, without the use of agents. With this large-scale digital experience monitoring capability, office teams can increase their productivity with much-needed insight into VDI deployments supporting today’s remote workforce, and without the stress and the costs of deploying and managing cumbersome agents.

“In this ‘next normal’, as businesses deploy VDI at a breakneck pace to support their dispersed workforce, our goal at Uila is to provide a new approach to digital experience monitoring and troubleshooting. critical virtual desktop infrastructure, which most organizations have, ”said Chia-chee Kuan, founder and CEO of Uila. “Our solution proactively detects issues before actual users are affected, measuring all the way from the user’s login process to the applications themselves and to the dependencies that make up the VDI infrastructure. As VDI in general has evolved in particular since last year, so should the tools that support it, and with our agentless approach, DPI-based application classification / transaction analysis and scaling advice. of resources, desktop administrators are now in a great place to troubleshoot. more efficiently and empower the virtual workforce. “

New critical VDI metrics measured in real time by Uila include:

  • Application discovery and use: Integrated classification of application traffic from VDI desktop as client connects to application servers (e.g. Zoom, ERP, databases, EHR, etc.)
  • VDI desktop session distribution (Active, Inactive, Disconnected states)
  • Protocol distribution (PCOIP, Blast Extreme and RDS)
  • Blast and PCOIP RX and TX packet loss, round trip time, user session latency, bandwidth, etc.
  • Login duration including individual steps like broker duration, agent duration, app launch time, etc.
  • Windows Desktop Process Information

With this new update, Uila continues to maintain its leadership in the world of full-stack monitoring for any environment through its unmatched agentless, application-centric and automated approach. In a previous announcement, Uila showcased the industry’s first end-to-end automated visibility into the different levels of the entire VDI environment, including thin clients, VDI desktops, as well as components of Critical VDI infrastructure such as Connection Server, Domain Controller, etc. This helps office teams find a faster time to value and get the best end user experience from any device.

This new capability will be available as part of Uila’s solution in 2 weeks and IT teams will be able to test this capability by signing up for a free trial at https://www.uila.com/uila-free-trial.

About Uila

Uila provides performance and cyber threat analysis, in a single pane of glass to help resolve complex IT disruptions for enterprise IT. With Uila, IT teams can visualize application workload dependencies on cloud platforms, resize infrastructure resources, troubleshoot disruptions for any on-premises or remote VDI user due to application issues / network / infrastructure and plan workload migration strategies for cloud deployments. And above all, it is done without any agent. Uila also enables security teams to combat advanced cyber threats, providing comprehensive application-centric information on cyber threats and data exfiltration activities. Organizations use Uila to align with their IT teams and reduce MTTR from days to minutes to keep the end-user experience at peak performance and secure at all times beyond the limits of the cloud.

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