Credit Cards as a Means of Payment for the Holiday

Cash as a means of payment for the holidays is getting riskier. The thieves are lurking everywhere and devising more and more sophisticated tactics to help the locals and guests around their bar. Purses with badges and credit cards are often thrown into the next bin after clearing out the cash. Cash can be valued as the thief with the lowest risk.

That’s why it’s safer to buy credit cards before you leave, for which there are as many points of acceptance as possible worldwide. In addition, you should get the central emergency number, which can be blocked in Germany almost all credit cards and accounts, if it has come to a loss. Writing down makes little sense if the entire handbag is stolen. Therefore, you should learn them by heart, so you have them when needed. In the case of theft, the blockage should be immediate, because it can minimize his personal risk.

Bank Credit Cards

Bank Credit Cards

Minimizing the risk of theft of credit cards can also be achieved by setting a daily turnover limit. Another very good way of personal protection is to get a prepaid credit card for a vacation abroad. Here you can only dispose of the charged credit and its amount is determined all by yourself.

Of course, one should also observe some rules in dealing with the credit cards. This begins with the fact that you should leave them on vacation either in the vault of the hotel or you should wear it directly on the body. But this does not mean the trouser pocket, but for example, a belt pouch or a small shoulder bag that can be worn under clothing. There it is much more difficult to access and for the thieves, the risk of discovering their attempt to steal increases dramatically.

Also, you should make sure that when entering the PIN when paying in the supermarket or at the cash withdrawal at the machine no one can look over his shoulders. Only a known PIN makes the theft of a credit card really interesting. Otherwise, the probability of cracking a four-digit PIN in the usual three attempts at 3 to 9997, if one ignores the fact that the banks do not spend certain PINs.


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